Things to Pack for your travel to Nainital
Things to Pack for your travel to Nainital
»» Things to Pack for your Travel to Nainital District - Kumaon - Uttarakhand

Pack Light and Right
  • Always keep your Identity Card to avoid hasselment in hotels. etc..
  • Camera, Digital Camera, Camcorder (Extra film or memory cards)
  • Jeans and plain shirts or T-shirts for city excursions
  • Accessories - Scarves, Belts and Costume Jewellery
  • Mobile Phone, batteries and chargers.
  • Holiday Documentation, Passports, Tickets, Driver’s licenses
  • Wollen Clothes - Jackets, Heavy wollen & Jackets will be needed in winter season.
  • Cosmetics (Sun screen lotion) and toiletries
  • Sun Glasses - Goggles
  • Sports Shoes incase you like nature walks and to pack slippers are must.
  • Insurance Documents, Travel Itinerary
  • While travelling hills it is always advisable to carry Binoculars for better view but these are optional.
  • Choose a big bag: The first thing you should always keep in mind is to carry not more than two suitcases. Ideally, you should look around for one large suitcase to accommodate everything. Make sure the suitcase is not too heavy and is easy to cart along, wherever you go.
    Do not overload the toiletries : You can easily buy some more while you're out there or borrow from your co-travellers. So, do not complicate things by packing unnecessary items. Think simple; carry a regular toothbrush and not a big electric one and also a smaller towel.
    Where to draw the line?
    A lot of people don't know when to draw the line when it comes to packing clothing and shoes. The first thing to remember is that you're not immigrating to the place and hence you don't need to empty out your entire closet into your suitcase. List the number of days you are visiting a place and pack your clothes accordingly. Don't be afraid to repeat your clothes, after all it's just a trip. Don't be wary about doing the laundry by yourself.
    Create Space:
    Roll garments up into tight tubes to save packing space. Travelling light is the best way to travel. Pack only the essentials, you don't have to take the entire household with you, travels are meant to be fun and they can only be if you have a light bag.
    Weather and clothes: Do find out about the weather condition and pack your clothes accordingly. You don't want to land up there finding yourself totally out of place and ill-equipped.
    Accommodation: If you are an adventure lover then this might not be for you, but if you like to play safe then make the reservations in advance, especially during the peak seasons.
    Health: If your destination is more interior parts say a wildlfie sanctuary (Jim Corbett National Park - Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary) or trek etc, then keep a first aid box and some basic medicines for pain and fever. You never know when you might need them.
    So, if you keep these points in check, then you sure will enjoy the holiday that has kept you waiting for so long.

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