A home away from home..."Nainital - The Paradise City"



The Chirping of birds, the fragrance of flowers finally announces the awakeing of valley into spring.The air is still cold and in the occasional drizzle of March rain, the whole hill sides seem to be in a festival mood draped in ruby colored Rohodendrons - calling you to be a part of it's frevour.




The air warm and the sky blue - even the lake is live in it's rich verdant green - beckoning you to take a boat ride exploring the beauty of the lake and the majestic mountains surrounding it - Come and Explore the Mysteries of the Lake District of Kumaon.



Only a person with a poetic heart can explain the beauty of the Naini valley during the peak monsoons. The mighty clouds bow down to touch your feet. The nature in its full splendor - the crystal clear air and the green hills invite you to be a part of nature - to feel the nature's beauty and joys at it's ultimate glory. In the dawn and dusk the sky becomes a vast sketch board of a million colors and shades and the lake itself glows in it's harmony. Don't miss this once in life time experience.




When the air begins to feel chiller, the Maple trees start changing their colors from green to multi hue colored red and the dark, and wintry nights are near- by. Feel the joys of dark nights walking along the lake side amidst maple trees and the moon slowly rising behind the silent hills as if to give you company when whole world is sleeping - take a break from the practical world and let your heart run free discovering what your child in the soul had always wanted to do.



Being in nainital during winters is one of the most exhibirating experince of a person's life. Walking hand in hand with your beloved around the cold dark waters of the lake in solitude that you can hear even sound of snow flakes falling on your shoulders - amd you begin to wonder if all the world is sleping in the glory of Winter -a moment to discover your inner self.


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