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  Their Kumaoni language forms the Central subgroup of the Pahari languages. Kumaoni is one of the 325 recognized Indian languages, and is spoken by over 2,360,000 (1998) people of Indian states of Uttarakhand - Almora, Nainital, Pithoragarh, Bageshwar, Champawat, Rudrapur (Udhamsingh Nagar) districts; U P; Assam; Bihar; Delhi; M .P; Maharashtra and Punjab, besides being spoken in some regions of Himachal Pradesh and Nepal.
Amongst its dialects, the Central Kumauni is spoken in Almora and northern Nainital, North-eastern Kumauni is in Pithoragarh, South-eastern Kumauni is in South-eastern Nainital, Western Kumauni is west of Almora and Nainital.

Dialects of Kumaon region

In all, there are 20 dialects spoken in the Kumaon region, including, Johari, Majh Kumaiya, Danpuriya, Askoti, Sirali, Soryali, Chaugarkhyali, Kumaiya, Gangoli, Khasparjia, Phaldakoti, Pachhai, and Rauchaubhaisi.

Dialects of Kumaoni Language Kali Kumaon, Central Kumaoni North-Eastern Kumaoni South-Eastern Kumaoni Western Kumaoni Askoti of Askot Bhabhri of Ramnagar Chaugarkhiyali of Chaugarkha Danpuriya of Danpur Gangoli of Ganai-Gangoli (Gangolihat) Johari of Malla and Talla Johar Khasparjiya of Almora Kumaiyya of Champawat Pachhai of Pali-Pachhhau (Ranikhet, Dwarahat) Pashchimi Phaldakotiya of Phaldkot Rhau-Chaubyansi, (Nainital) Sirali of Sirakot (Didihat) Soriyali of Sor Valley (Pithoragarh) Baitada of Baitadi , Darchula and parts of Bajhang District in Nepal Dotiyali of Doti
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