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Almora - Almora Tour - Almora Nainital India - Almora Tourism - Almora Travel Guide ALMORA :-

Almora a picturesque district in the Kumaon region is a municipal board, a cantonment town in the Almora district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Almora with a breathtaking panoramic view of Himalayas is a town bustling with activity and a rich cultural heritage history, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife. Almora is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Almora was founded in 1568.

Almora STD Code- 05962 - Almora Pincode :- 263601

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Geography of Almora Geography of Almora

Almora located at 29.62°N 79.67°E. It has an average elevation of 1,651 metres (5,417 feet).

Almora is located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalaya range. In the shape of a horse saddle shaped hillock, it is surrounded by thick forests of pine and fir trees. Flowing alongside the city are rivers of Koshi - Kosi, (Kaushiki), and Suyal (Salmale). From Almora the snow capped Himalayas can be seen in the background.




About Almora About Almora :-

Almora, a picturesque district in the Kumaun region, East of Uttarakhand in India, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Himalayas, summons tourists worldwide to its alluring grandeur of natural beauty.

Famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts, sumptuous cuisine and magnificent wildlife, coupled with an easy accessibility, Almora promises its tourists a visit full of fun and unforgettable moments.

About Almora Town - City About Almora Township :-

The ancient town of Almora, before it's establishment was under the possession of Katyuri king Baichaldeo. He donated major part of this land to a Gujrati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari. Later on when Chand kingdom was founded in Baramandal, the town of Almora was founded at this centrally located place in 1560 by Kalyan Chand. The mountain on which the Almora is located is described in the famous Hindu epic Manaskhand as follows :-

Kaushiki Shalmali Madhyey Punyah Kashaya Parwatah' 'Tasy Paschim Bhagam Kshetra Vishnyo Pratishthtam'

n the days of the Chand Kings it was called Rajapur. The name 'Rajpur' is also mentioned over a number of ancient copper plates. The town of Almora is situated over a horse saddle shaped ridge of a mountain. The eastern portion of the ridge is known as Talifat and the western one is known as Selifat. The market is at the top of the ridge where these two, Talifat and Selifat jointly terminate.


Almora the Land of Ancient Temples Almora the Land of Ancient Temples

Almora has many noted temples, including Kasar Devi, Banari Devi, Chitai, Jageshwar Dham, Binsar Mahadev, Garhnath and Baijnath. Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple, near Sanara Ganiya, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated beside the river Ram Ganga. A Sun Temple (only the second in the world) is located at Katarmal within a short distance from the town.

Snset from Almora

The famous temple of Manila Devi, Devi Maa, the family goddess of the Katyuri clan, lies around 85 km from Ranikhet. udaipur a famous temple of Golu devta is situated 5 km. from Binta near Dwarahat people comes there for justice and they get it.

Some Famous Temples in Almora Some Famous Temples in Almora - Almora The Land of Ancient Temples

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Chitai Temple :- This is a very busy area. This temple is dedicated to Lord Golu. The people of Kumaon worship him. Once a wish is fulfilled people hang little bells in this temple. Therefore there are thousands of little bells hanging there. The view of the Himalayas is extremely beautiful from here. This temple is 8 Kms away by walk through a beautiful pine forest, but one can go by cart too.

Katarmal Sun Temple :- This Sun Temple built in 9th Century is the second in importance after the Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa. 7 Kms away from Almora this historical important temple is an example of intricate sculpturing. This temple is in need of restoration now.

Kasar Devi :- Near Kalimutt is the temple of Kasar Devi. This ancient temple was built on a mountain peak in the second century. The distance between Kalimatt and Kasar Devi is less than 1 km and can be easily covered by foot. The surrounding area has become the home of many foreigners. The main town is 6 Kms away.

Jageshwar Dham :- 34 Kms away from Almora this temple of Shiva is situated amidst a dense Deodar forest and has a lot of mythological importance. Here there are about 124 temples and hundreds of magnificent statues of exquisite craftsmanship. The oldest shrine is of the 'Mrityunjaya' and the biggest shrine is of the 'Dindeshwara'. of this kind. Jageshwer is believed to be the abode of the one of the twelve 'Jyotirlingas'.


Ranikhet :- Around 50 Kms from Almora the quiet and beautiful cantonment township of Ranikhet, is famous for it's salubrious climate, balmy breeze captivating and panoramic Himalayan View and soothing and pollution free greenery of pines and oaks. It is also famous as the regimental center of the Kumaun Regiment of Indian Army- one of the most prestigious and the most decorated of all. The Kumaun Regimental museum and amicably maintained grassy and green golf course are memorable experiences even for the most experienced tourists. From Ranikhet 4 Kms sojourn takes you to the Chaubatiya gardens famous for it's sprawling orchards of delicious apples, plums, peaches and apricots. It is result of the pioneering efforts of a British settler 150 years ago. In and around Ranikhet there are some famous temples of the Hindus for religious minded like Jhoola Devi Mandir, Ram Mandir, Herakhan Mandir, Kalika Temple and Binsar Mahadeva.

Nanda Devi Temple :- This 1000-year old temple is one of the main attraction of Almora. Its walls have carvings on them. Every year a festival is held here in which youth from various mountainous areas come here to participate in this dance festival.

Gannath :- 47 Kms from Almora this is an ancient Shiva temple with natural caves. 2116 mts above sea level this place is a favourite with nature lovers.

Lala Bazar :- Lala Bazar a unique market of more than two hundred years with paved streets of stone. Few other markets are Karkhana Bazar, Khajanchi Mohalla, Jauhari Mohalla, Malli Bazar and Thana Bazar. The market is 1.25 miles long and is covered with stone slabs.

Bright End Corner :- It is 2 Kms away from Almora. A highlight of this point is the sunset and the sunrise seen through the Himalayan peaks. A circuit house close by allows tourists to spend some time in this peaceful surrounding. Close by is the Vivekanand Library which has many books on literature. A little away is the Vivekanand Memorial where Swami Vivekanand had stopped for a while on his journey to the Himalayas.

Martola :- This picnic spot amidst gardens is 10 Kms away from Almora. Most of the people who live here are foreigners. Buses and taxis come up to a point called Panuwanaula and from there onwards one has to walk.

Kalimutt :- 4.5 Kms from Almora, this picnic spot gives a lovely view of the Himalayan Peaks.

Deer Park :- 3 Kms from Almora this park is in NTD (Narayan Tiwari Dewai).

State Museum :- This museum is near the bus stand . It is closed on Mondays and other Government Holidays. It is open from 10:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Simtola :- 3 Kms from Almora Simtola is a picnic spot from where one can view the beautiful mountains covered with pine and deodar trees.

Binsar :- 30 Kms from Almora Binsar has a temple of Shiva who is also called Bineswar. 2412 mts above sea level this temple was constructed by King Kalyan of the Chand Dynasty. Visiting this temple gives one peace of mind.

Deenapani - Dinapani :- 30 Kms a small unmatched natural beauty village near Kasaradevi on the Almora – Binsar road. In the evening the clouds lifted to give a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks – Nandagunti (20,700 ft), Trishul (23,360 ft), Nanda Devi (25,645 ft), Changoch (20,714 ft) and Nandakot (21,690 ft). The sunsets at Dinapani are indescribable. The peaks and the sunsets take your breath away, as do the undulating hills and the terraced paddy fields. At such times words fail. Dinapani has one more secret – the Dina Hospital which is accredited to the Ex -Servicemen’s Contributory Health Scheme. This hospital in a remote Kumaoni village was equipped with the latest medical technology like CT scan, Laparoscopy.

Quotes about Almora
Quotes about Almora

"These mountains are associated with the best memories of our race: Here, therefore, must be one of centers, not merely of activity, but more of calmness of meditation, and of peace and I hope some one to realize it." - Swami Vivekananda (replying to the address given to him by the people of Almora.)

"In these hills, Nature’s hospitality eclipses all that man can ever do. The enchanting beauty of the Himalayas, their bracing climate and the soothing green that envelops you, leave nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed, if equalled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been for nearly three weeks in the Almora hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need to go to Europe in search of health." - Mahatma Gandhi

Almora Pictures PICTURE OF ALMORA with soldiers of 3rd Gurkha Rifles, (PICTURE TAKEN IN THE YEAR 1850)




Almora Weather - Almora  Climate Almora Weather - Climate - Temperature of Almora

• Almora in Summers

• 28 - 12 °C (61 °F)

• Almora in Winters

• 15 - -2 °C (63 °F)

Almora Distance Chart - Distance Between Almora Almora Distance Chart - Distance Between

Lucknow to Almora – 466 kms

Dehradun to Almora - 412 kms

Delhi to Almora – 382 kms

Ranikhet to Almora – 50 kms

Kausani to Almora – 53 kms

Dehradun to Almora – 415 kms

Bageshwar to Almora – 90 kms

Pithogarah to Almora – 120 kms

Moradabad to Almora – 206 kms

Lohaghat to Almora – 135 kms

Tanakpur to Almora – 217 kms

Jalana to Almora – 32 kms

Gwaldam to Almora – 90 kms

Dwarahat to Almora – 71 kms

Bareilly to Almora – 208 kms

Nainital to Almora – 66 kms

Kathgodam to Almora – 90 kms

Jim Corbett National Park to Almora – 207 kms

Pithoragarh to Almora – 122 kms

Haldwani to Almora – 96 kms

Haridwar to Almora – 357 kms

Distance from various travel destinations to Almora in Uttarakhand. Distance chart from Delhi Haldwani Kathgodam Nainital Bhimtal Binsar Sattal Lucknow Haridwar to Almora Uttarakhand

Distance between Mumbai to Almora - 1600 Kms
Distance between Pune to Almora - 1635 Kms
Distance between Kolkata to Almora - 1448 Kms
Distance between Delhi to Almora - 382 Kms
Distance between Kathgodam to Almora - 90 Kms
Distance between Binsar to Almora - 30 Kms
Distance between Bareilly and Almora - 208 Kms
Distance between Nainital and Almora - 66 Kms

Distance between Jim Corbett National Park and Almora - 207 Kms

How to Reach Almora How to Reach Almora

Almora By Air :- The nearest airport to Almora is at Pantnagar, During the summer regular flights are operational. the seat of a famous agricultural university, about 127 KMs from Almora.

Almora By Rail :- The nearest railway station to Almora is at Kathgodam situated around 90 Kms away via Khairna and 133 Kms via Ranikhet. Kathgodam is connected by rail directly with Delhi, the capital of India, Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Dehradun the capital of the state of Uttarakhand and Calcutta.

From Kathgodam to Almora Local Transport, private taxies as well as buses run by Private Operators, and buses run by the state government corporation - UASRTC are available at all hours.

Almora By Road :- Almora is connected conveniently and is merely 380 Kms away from Delhi, 466 Kms from Lucknow 196 kilometer away from Bareilly and 415 Kms from Dehradun.

Almora District Disaster Control Room Number :- 05962-237874

Route Map To Almora from Delhi
Route Map To Almora from Delhi





2245 HRS
0600 HRS

0445 HRS.
2040 HRS.

1A, 2A, SL,II

2200 HRS
0835 HRS

0615 HRS
1910 HRS

2A, SL, II

2110 HRS
0625 HRS

0605 HRS
2050 HRS

Nainital EXPRESS
2A, SL, II

2145 HRS
0845 HRS

1155 HRS
1930 HRS

2A, SL, II

SHATABDI EXPRESS:- Runs between New Delhi-Kathgodam-New Delhi twice a week (Friday & Sunday) during summer vacations.

NOTE:- For precise details of dates, timings and fares of all the above trains, we request you to kindly confirm with the Indian Railways before making reservations.

From Kathgodam the drive to Almora takes approx Two Hour and from Lal Kuan the drive to Nainital is approx Two Hours.

Kindly Note :- Though time varies to reach Almora as it depends on the traffic, time of the journey (morning daytime or evening) and the mode of Transportation.

Almora by road from nearest Railhead
Kathgodam 90 Kms
Lalkuan 110 Kms

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