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The greatest benefit to you is we already have a built in customer base targeted toward your business. We have more than 25 lakhs hits in 9 years and currently averaging over 10,500 unique visitors every month. These folks are actively searching for your services. So why not plug into them and start booking more events immediately.

It is a great pleasure to inform you that we have opened an opportunities to advertise your website, valuable products in our web site Since 1999 the site has been celebrating the big success in the world of web. Our web site is easily accessible in most usable search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. has a massive Alumni section of the Schools and Colleges of Nainital in which currently more than 19000 Ex student of Nainital are enrolled. also has a massive Photo / Picture Section (Rare Old dated back to 1800 Century during British Rule and New Photos) of Nainital which currently the largest collection of Nainital pictures on Internet.

Every day approximately 350-1350 visitors hits but during Season / WeekEnd or Public Holidays it goes to more than 1000 - 15000 hits in our site and approximately 150- 300 visitors send their feedback to us. The numbers of visitors are increasing day by day. The main purpose of this site is to establish two ways communication or in other words provides useful information to potential customers about products and services and also receives feedback from them so that necessary steps could take into consideration to fulfil needs of potential customers. It seems that our web site is entirely customer based web site to serve them in a better way.

Today all business activities are Internet based either selling or buying, organisations can position their products directly into the heart of customers through Internet to generate maximum sales with minimum cost and minimum efforts. The only effort involved is the web-based advertising to quickly reach to potential customers.

Therefore we welcomes to all organisations throughout the world who are seeking to advertise their own websites, products in our most popular web site or link home page banner with our web site. We strongly believe it will be a great opportunity to build new customers and thus a best way to earn maximum profit with minimum cost.

So donít miss this great opportunity and rush your request with proposal as well as your valuable guidance and suggestions to improve our services presently and near future.

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