Oldest - Famous School - Hotels - Club - Personalities - of Nainital
Oldest - Famous School - Hotels - Club - Personalities - of Nainital
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During British period India had around 50 + English medium schools (ICSE Board) in India which where established in 1800. Out of these 4 centurion schools established in 1800 are in Nainital. Nainital Schools are famous throughout India for their excellent educational standards. Nainital has a number of high quality public schools.

Four schools from the British period continue to exist today:


Oldest Facts All Saints' College, established 1869 - Oldest school of Nainital

Oldest Facts Sherwood College, established 1869

Oldest Facts St. Mary's Convent High School established 1878 Click Here...

Oldest Facts St. Joseph's College established 1888 Click Here...


Oldest Facts Nainital has the oldest and The First Methodist Church in India. Click Here...


Oldest Facts Nainital has Second oldest Club in India - Boat House Club established in 1890.

Oldest Facts Second oldest Nainital Nagar Palika (Municipal Board) in India established in 1845.

Oldest Facts 3rd oldest Yatch Club in India. (Yachts in Nainital dates back to 1880 but Nainital Yacht Club was formed in 1910)

Oldest Facts Durga Shah Municipal Public Library - Best Library in Northen India
.Click Here...

Oldest Facts Governor House - Raj Bhawan :- The Governor's House - Raj Bhawan area is 220 acres and was built in the line of Buckingham Palace London, having double storied 113 rooms. State guests & V.I.P. coming to Nainital also use it for their stay. It consists of a marvellous Garden, Golf Links, Swimming Pool and covered with lush green area of Deodar and Oak trees. The foundation stone of the Nainital Government House, modeled after Buckingham Palace, was laid on April 27, 1897, and the building was completed in March 1900..Click Here...

Oldest Facts OBSERVATORY ( Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) :- ARIES Nainital is only 4.5 km from Nainital. The observatory has one of the most advance telescopes in India. Observatory was established at Nainital in 1955..Click Here...

HOTELS - Oldest Hotel in India - Nainital

Oldest Hotel of Nainital Some of the Hotels in Nainital are one of the oldest Hotels in India. Oldest Hotel in Nainital built in 18th Century are The Palace Belvedere Click Here... and Royal Hotel Click Here...


Oldest Facts Nainital is also called Land of Greens and Blues because of lush green forests - valleys and clear blue sky as still its the only hill station in India which is more than 85% green. Green Nainital Click Here...

Oldest Facts Snowview : An old brass plate at Snowview says, "The Highest Mountain in the British Empire". Naina Devi was India’s highest peak until Sikkim (Kanchenjunga) was absorbed into the country. Click Here...


Amitabh Bachchan, Legendary Bollywood Actor. (Sherwood College)

Naseeruddin Shah, Art films and Bollywood Actor (St Joseph's College)

Danny Denzongpa, Bollywood Actor (Birla Vidhya Mandir)

Anup Jalota, Singer

Late Nirmal Pandey, Bollywood Actor & Singer

Dilip Tahil, Bollywood Actor (Sherwood College)

Kabir Bedi, Bollywood Actor (Sherwood College)

Lalit Modi, Indian Premier League (IPL) Chairman and RCA President (St Joseph's College)

Manasvi Mamgai, Miss India World 2010

Famous People with Links to Nainital

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