Ramnagar :- The Gateway to the Corbett National Park
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Geography of Ramnagar Geography of Ramnagar

Ramnagar is located at 29.40N 79.12E.

Ramnagar has an average elevation of 345 metres (1,132 feet). Ramnagar is located at the foothills of the Himalayas on the bank of river Kosi. Kashipur located approximately 18 km away from this Ramnagar.

The Ramnagar town is well-known for being the gateway to Corbett National Park and draws lot of tourist attention because of its geographical location.

Ramnagar proximity to Nainital 60 kms which is a famous hill station of Northern India makes it even more popular. Ramnagar is the gateway to western Kumaon and Garhwal. Ramnagar is also the commencement point of Kumaon Hills with the nearby town of Haldwani. Ramnagar is also famous for International "Litchi farming". There is a Kosi Barrage in Ramnagar where lot of migratory birds arrives in winter. Being a small town its culturally diverse, most of the people in this town are either Kumaoni's or Garhwali's. The town has got several public and private schools along with a collage for higher education offering diverse, professional courses which makes the town complete from the education point of view.

Primary source of income of Ramnagar town is tourism, government jobs, individual shops and small-mid size businesses.

Climate of Ramnagar - Weather of Ramnagar Climate of Ramnagar - Weather of Ramnagar

The mean annual temperature in Ramnagar varies from 15C to 35C.

Total annual rainfall is nearly 205 cm.

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